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Electric Scooter Zukboard

City V2

Taking the Zukboard City to a new level.

Electric Scooter Zukboard

Modular Deck

This awesome electric scooter comes with custom modular deck allowing you to swap out designs.

The Zukboard City V2 is Tough

See the Zukboard City V2 getting driven over!

Customise your deck

Further to all of this, ZUKBOARD CITY Electric Scooter is available with a choice of 4 different customised ply decks with frills to match your deck choice.

Hybrid Suspension

ZUKBOARD CITY Electric Scooter is rear wheel drive and equipped with dual rear braking system, rear disc brake and (EABS) electronic rear braking system. Also equipped with a PATENT hybrid suspension front and rear that is second to none for comfort and performance. This suspension system gives ZUKEBOARD CITY the surprising ability to get plenty of air and land with ease with weights exceeding 100kg.

Slope Climb Ability

ZUKBOARD CITY is capable of up to 30km/h, slope climb ability of up to 15 degrees (75kg rider), range of up to 30-35 km on a single charge and a generous weight limit of 150kg.

everything you need

ZUKBOARD CITY Electric Scooter is equipped with plenty of torque with a number of speed and early response settings to suit your liking.

Check out this video for a teaser of the Zukboard City.
Did you see how much air he got?!

Zukboard's Story

ZUKBOARD was founded in 2016 by Lijie and Farahbod. ZUKBOARD CITY is the first product launched by ZUKBOARD and it is among the best in its class. ZUKBOARD is committed to top-notch design and engineering; they manufacture high-performance electric scooters and every single phase of production is managed by ZUKBOARD development team.

The Zukboard City V2 is here

The version 2 of the Zukboard City comes with a front drum brake (previous model just rear) and improved performance.

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