Introducing the ERIDER 3.0
The Best Value Electric Scooter around!
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Gotrax GXL V2
Crafted with a sleek, wireless design so you arrive in seamless style, every time – without trading durability and function for style.
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Zukboard City V2
The first modular deck electric scooter!
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All Terrain Freedom with Inokim
See more and go further with Inokim Electric Scooters
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More fun
More bike for less with ERIDER quality electric bikes.
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See our range of electric scooters & bikes

Introducing New Zealand’s version of ZERO Electric Scooters!

Fantastic value and more for less with ERIDER quality electric scooters and bikes!

Arrive in seamless style on a Gotrax electric scooter.

Zukboard City is the world’s first modular deck electric scooter.

From the portable Light 2 to the heavy duty OX Super. There is an Inokim electric scooter for you.

Electric Scooters with the Commuter’s ease and comfort in mind.

Electric Scooters NZ – Electric Riders have more fun!

The ERIDERKugooGotrax, Zukboard and Inokim Electric Scooters deliver a fun fast ride and will give you thrilling riding experiences making you want to go back for more.

If it’s the ERIDER electric bike, you can enjoy a no sweat no hassle ride with only good times to enjoy.

The Onebot Patent folding ebikes being the perfect choice for cool and fun commuting, taking on and off public transport with ease and fitting in the boot after an easy commute from the office to your car.

For the best electric scooters for sale in NZ and awesome electric bikes – we have everything you need right here. We ship electric scooters and bikes to Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Nelson and all around NZ.


ERIDER Electric Bikes in NZ – they’re for everyone!

If you can ride a bike no matter what your age an ERIDER NZ electric bike is for you. Enjoy riding a bike like you never imagined was possible.

Unique opportunities await you with an ERIDER electric bike. Ride with faster friends, commute to the shops, enjoy your ride with no parking hassles and no sweat.

Climb the hill you never could before, put your child on the back and enjoy the ERIDER experience together as a family. Ride faster, further and for longer or just simply get from A to B.

Your ERIDER electric bicycle will always give you the opportunities to do and experience more than you imagined possible.

Ride with Friends

All will feel equal with the smooth power of the ERIDER Electric bikes.

Ride Further and Faster

More speed and more distance with as much or as little effort as you choose you can enjoy more riding more fun than ever before.

No Sweat

Commute to work with no sweat, no traffic jams, arriving fresh and ready for your day.

Hills Leveled

Now you can ride where you only dreamed. The sweat and pain of the hill climb are gone. Climb any hill with ease.

Enviro Friendly

No emissions, no parking hassles, no traffic jams, no gas fill ups. A clean green ride with ERIDER electric bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ride?

ERIDER electric bikes make you feel like Super Man. They provide a natural ride and pedal feel but amplify your effort to the point where the wind is always behind you and the hills are leveled.

The Range?

You can expect anywhere from 30-100km range based on level of assist, terrain and other factors.

Battery Charging?

A simple 3-5 hour charge can restore your depleted battery to a full charge by plugging into a standard wall socket.

What about Servicing?

Generally, with electric bikes the servicing requirements are very much the same as a standard bike. The batteries are temperature sensitive so best stored indoors if temperatures are extreme.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a genuine full comprehensive 12 month warranty on all Electric Rider products. We will always look after our customers in the best way possible, even if your Electric Rider product is outside the 12 months warranty period.

Can I return my purchase?

For all online purchasing of Onebot and Teamgee products we have a no hassle 10 day return policy even if you simply change your mind. Returns are not permitted for all Ninebot products. Please check our terms and conditions for details.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay for your order by direct deposit and credit card. We also accept 6 month interest free with Gem Visa. On selected devices, you can pay with Apply Pay or Google Pay direct from your cart.

Do you ship e scooters anywhere in New Zealand?

Yes – we’ve sent electric scooters to Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Nelson and many other locations around New Zealand.