Electric Scooters in Wellington

Yes, Electric Rider have E-scooters for sale ready to ship to Wellington! If you’ve been wishing for a more convenient way to get into the city, this is it. No more catching the bus or train and dealing with delays, breakdowns, and being crammed in with everyone else. Hop on your own personal E-scooter and feel the wind in your hair as you head into the city. You can travel up to 45km/h with no effort at all on your new mode of transport.  View our range.

Affordable, Quality E-Scooters for Sale in Wellington 

Here at Electric Rider, we are proud to offer some of the best E-scooter brands in New Zealand. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to get into town for appointments or you want a full commuting solution, we’ve got you covered. We stock E-scooter brands such as KugooZukboardGotraxInokimEtrax, and ERider.

Why Ride E-Scooters in Wellington?

Get to Work on Time

If you’re sick of waiting for a bus that never comes or being late due to traffic delays, you need an E-scooter. E-scooters are the ideal solution for Wellington commuters as you can scoot down the sidewalk and avoid the traffic gridlock. Zoom to work at up to 45km/h and never be late again!

Low Maintenance

Did you know that in Wellington, E-scooters aren’t required to have a warrant or registration? Just like a bike, you can buy a scooter and get it on the road immediately with no hassle. However, unlike a bicycle, E-scooters don’t require much maintenance. They tend to just keep going and going without the owner having to continuously get things fixed.


E-scooters are a cost-effective solution for getting to work. Spend $0 on fuel each year because E-scooters don’t need any – just plug them into an outlet to charge them up, and they are soon ready to go. The cost of electricity to charge them is exceptionally low as most only take a couple of hours to charge – you’ll pay mere cents.

ERIDER Electric Scooter Wellington

Shop for your E-scooter online to find your ideal model or give us a call now 0800 360 720.

Electric Rider is New Zealand’s specialist importer of top quality electric bikes and scooters.

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