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E-Scooters for Sale in Auckland – Travel in Style

Here at Electric Rider, we have plenty of E-scooter brands available. Grab a model that folds down to scoot off to work and then pop under your desk. Or you could go for one able to take you on adventures up to 35km away. We offer a range of scooters to choose from.

Why Travel on E-Scooters in Auckland?

Skip Rush Hour

No one wants to add hours to their workday by sitting in traffic. You’ll have no such issues with using an E-scooter in Auckland because you can ride them on the footpath. Zip past all of the waiting traffic and head straight to the office. With speeds of up to 45km/h, there’s no faster way to get to work!

Save Money

Most families spend thousands of dollars on petrol each year. With an electric scooter, you won’t need to buy fuel any longer. Simply plug it in to charge it up instead. It doesn’t use much electricity either, so it’s super cheap to run. There’s no need to worry about getting a warrant or registration for E-scooters in Auckland either – just hop on and take off!

You Can’t Beat the Convenience

Many people dislike driving into the city centre to meet a friend for lunch or go shopping. Why? The cost of parking is extremely expensive, and that’s if you can even find a park. Imagine rolling straight up to the café, parking right outside the door, and heading in. That’s the convenience that using an E-scooter in Auckland can afford you.

ERIDER Electric Scooter Auckland

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