Electric Bikes in Wanaka

Wanaka is a beautiful town. If you’re looking to take a step back and take in the beauty of Wanaka on your way to work, school, or grocery shopping, then an E-bike might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

Electric Rider E-bikes For Sale in Wanaka

Our range of E-bikes can meet any of your biking requirements. If you’re looking for a trail bike with more torque to use over the weekend as you ride the many mountain biking routes around Lake Wanaka, or a road bike for more regular, easy-going travel through inner-city traffic, E-Rider has the bike for you. All our E-bikes come with the highest quality fittings from brands like Shimano, Tektro, Samsung and Kenda, and make switching between manual pedalling and battery use a dream.

Why Use an E-bike in Wanaka

Extra Help When You Need It

While Wanaka’s centre is relatively flat and even, it can still be difficult going on a bike when it’s windy. The more outlying areas are also less flat, which means having to expend a lot of energy going up hills. Since an E-bike uses battery power in addition to manual pedalling, you’re able to rely on the extra momentum gained from the battery to give your legs a break when you need to. This means that you’ll get the best out of being out and about in Wanaka while still remaining fresh and ready for the workday.

At Your Own Pace

It’s far easier to be on time when riding a bicycle, as you never have to be stuck in traffic. With an E-bike this is even more true, as you can easily make up time by gaining some extra speed with the help of battery power.

Look Good While Getting Healthy

E-bikes are an ideal way to get fit, as they require you to build up leg strength and get in some cardio but without excessive strain. This means you’ll get fit while making it all look effortless. It also becomes more fun to go biking with others, as you’ll always be able to keep up. And, after some time, you’re likely to find that you use the battery power less and less, as your fitness improves.

An Easier Option

Aside from the health and wellness benefits associated with E-bikes, there’s also the practical reality that these are a far cheaper and more eco-friendly transport option that others. Since they’re still legally considered bicycles, E-bikes don’t require any special license to operate. So, if you can’t afford a car, this is an ideal alternative – especially if you need to cover distances that are just too far to be considered ‘walking distance’.

These bikes also have far less impact on the environment in comparison to cars and even public transport. In other words, not only will you be able to zip around town, get fit, and check out the scenery all at the same time, but you’ll be assured that you’re contributing to keeping the planet happy and healthy too.

Get Your E-bike in Wanaka Today

If you want to buy an E-bike, look no further! Take a browse through our range to find the best bike for you, and we’ll have it delivered anywhere in Wanaka.