Get Ready for an Adventure with Electric Bikes in Timaru

Is it your goal to go on more adventures, get fit, or just get around town? Buying an electric bike in Timaru can help you to achieve all of this and more. Discover the convenient solution for getting to work that will help you get fitter along the way with our range of e-bikes for sale!

The Latest E-Bikes for Sale in Timaru

We only stock the highest quality e-bikes with fittings from trusted brands like Bafang, Kenda, and Shimano. Go 40km an hour faster with the Xtrail Advanced, which will take you from the streets to off-road without any trouble. Or hop on the City Mini to get around town, whether it’s completing your errands or getting to work while dodging all of the traffic.

Why You Should Consider Riding an Electric Bike in Timaru

Go Further than Ever Before

It’s true that Timaru is a small town, but if you live out at Washdyke and want to bike into central Timaru for work, this can be a pretty strenuous workout. Make it easy on yourself with an electric bike that allows you to be supported by battery power when you need it. When the wind gets strong, or you’re just tired after a hard day, you can coast along without a lot of effort.

Some of our e-bikes go up to as much as 500 watts, offering plenty of power to get you to wherever you need to go. Duck in and out of traffic, effortlessly gliding past the waiting cars. You won’t even need to worry about the weight of your backpack, as the battery can more than make up for this to prevent anything from slowing you down.

Cut Back on Costs

If you’re currently filling up your car with petrol each week because you drive to and from work, you’ll likely notice huge cost savings once you start commuting on an electric bike. These cost next to nothing to run, as you just plug them in to charge for a few hours, and that’s the only ongoing cost.

Look Stylish in the Streets

E-bikes are not just a convenient way to get around – they are now also sleek and stylish. Gone are the old chunky electric bikes, as they have quickly been replaced with more slimline models. Some are even foldable these days, like the City Mini, which folds up small so that you can pop it into your boot if you need to. Choose from classy colour options for many of our bikes, such as a modern matte red or blue, or classic silver.

Get Fit or Relax – Your Choice

The great thing about using an e-bike is that you can pedal when you want to – or not; it’s all up to you! Go hard a few days a week to start building up your fitness, and take rest days in between where you switch on the battery and easily keep going to give your legs a rest. Or pedal in the mornings when you have the most energy and let the battery guide you home without a lot of effort.

Want to Purchase an E-Rider Electric Bike in Timaru?

We have an incredible selection of electric bikes to choose from that can allow you to commute, go trail riding, and more. Check out our range and decide which option best fits in with your lifestyle.

We’ll deliver it to your door anywhere in Timaru.