Make Getting Around a Breeze with Electric Bikes in Queenstown

Is getting to work more easily a priority for you? We all know how overwhelming rush hour in Queenstown can be, with everyone heading to work at the same time. Now, there is a better way! Hop on an electric bike in Queenstown and get there in no time at all.

During the winter months, cycling can become almost unbearable, with the frosty winds pushing you backwards. Electric bikes use battery power to help you charge through without any extra effort, cutting precious minutes off your commute time. 

E-Bikes for Sale in Queenstown

If you love blazing the trails to see the beautiful views around Queenstown then we have the ideal e-bike for you! The Summit Plus 26 Inch was made for trail riding, so no matter how rough the terrain, you can have a blast tackling the challenge on this bike. It can help you go up to 3km an hour faster so that you can reach the summit quicker than ever.

If you just want a bike that will get you to work and back, the City Wave is a great choice. It features an upright position for comfortable riding on the road and is a classic design with quality fittings from Kenda, Samsung, Tektro, and more.

Why You Need an Electric Bike in Queenstown

Support When You Need It

Many cyclists set out with the intention of biking to and from work every day, but with long hours in the office or on your feet at work, that can quickly get draining. An electric bike offers you support from the battery when you need it to supplement your pedalling or switch it off to rely on your leg power alone. That way, you can put in the effort when you’re feeling energetic or let the battery do all the work when you’re exhausted after a hard day.

Venture Further

Many of us live too far from work to walk there, but so close that it seems pointless to get in a car just to be stuck in traffic. As a cyclist, you’ll be able to enjoy dodging the traffic and riding at your own pace. This is the ideal choice for those who want to save on petrol costs and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. Get to work easily, without the expense or stress.


No license? No problem. Electric bikes are one of the most accessible options for getting around, as they don’t require any kind of licence, registration, or warrant. It couldn’t be easier; just choose your ideal model and set off on roads unknown.

These bikes can travel up to 100km before needing to recharge, so you can ride for a long time without worrying about finding a power outlet.

Don’t Fall Behind

If you have friends who enjoy cycling, you may often find that you fall behind as you haven’t built up as much leg strength as them. With an electric bike, you’ll no longer need to worry about this – let the battery help you out so that you can glide ahead of the pack.

It’s Time to Purchase an E-Rider Electric Bike in Queenstown

If you’ve been thinking about buying an e-bike, now is the time. Explore our range and decide which one is going to be your new ride. We can deliver it to you anywhere in Queenstown.