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Welcome to Electric Rider, the premier online seller of electric bikes in NZ. If you’re looking for fun, fitness, freedom, or just a way to contribute to a cleaner environment, you’ve come to the right place. As one of New Zealand’s top importers of high quality e-bikes, we provide a broad selection of state-of the-art products – you’re sure to find the one that is perfectly suited to your needs and expectations. Experience the joy of being propelled effortlessly along your way (or use pedal assist, which allows you the option to pedal as hard as you like).

New Zealand’s go-to, affordable, top quality e-bike wholesaler

ERIDER electric bikes are packed with the best fittings from brands like Shimano, Tektro, Samsung and Kenda. Choose from the perfect folding commuter with its convenient step through design or take on long rides like the Rail Trail, with our ERIDER XTrail fitted with the powerful torque-sensoring Bafang mid-motor, which delivers 80Nm of torque, for a ride you never imagined possible. 

Why Ride Electric Bikes in New Zealand

We help you go further, faster

Few things in life are more exhilarating than cruising along on your e-bike, taming hills and scoffing at headwinds, and nothing can begin your workday like a sweat free commute to the office. Generating as much as 700 watts of power, your e-bike gets you to work feeling calm, cool, collected and ready to start your day. No sweat! No traffic jams!

More Versatility, More Adventure

No more concerns about lagging behind your fitter and faster riding companions. Your e-bike makes it possible to travel further, faster, and with less effort than you ever dreamed possible. Add a trailer to accommodate your kids, your shopping, or your outdoor adventure gear. Nothing brings the promise of convenience and adventure into your everyday life like owning an e-bike.

No License Necessary

Electric bikes are legally considered to be bicycles, eliminating the need for a license, registration and insurance. Imagine the cash savings this delivers! What’s more, these versatile bikes let you skip traffic jams and parking will never be a problem. The most common batteries use Lithium Ion, which are rechargeable in just a few hours, so you can quickly re-juice any time you need to. Range can be anywhere from 30km to 100km depending on a range of factors including terrain (hills or flat), wind direction and speed, and how much you pedal!

Nothing Compares to an E-bike for Fitness and Fun

Worried you won’t get any exercise if you’re cruising around on an electric bike? No stress – studies show that riding your e-bike can deliver the same level of exercise as a conventional bike. Just mix a bit of pedalling with a bit of cruising and you’ll end up with much longer battery life. Most riders actually pedal a lot because the pedalling feels effortless on an e-bike.

A lot of electric bike owners actually ride as much for fitness as for transportation.  With an e-bike you can feel free to go exploring without ever having to worry you won’t have enough puff to get home!

Want a Test Ride?

Arranging a test ride is just a phone call away. Call us up at 0800 360 720 to arrange your demo-ride appointment.