Electric Bikes Nelson

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Whether you’re after a convenient way to get around or an easy way to get fit, we offer a wide
range of electric bikes in Nelson that will suit your needs. Choose whether you wish to work hard
and push yourself along with the pedals or rely on the battery to keep chugging without the effort.
No matter which type of E-Rider electric bike you decide on, you’re sure to ride away with a smile on
your face. Take a look at our range now to find your ideal option.

Quality E-Bikes for Sale in Nelson

We only sell e-bikes that use the highest quality fittings, such as those from Kenda, Samsung, Tektro, and Shimano. Whether you want a handy commuting bike that folds up or a set of wheels to get out on the trail, we have a range of bikes to suit. The Trail Tracker is specially designed for comfort on a long ride and features a 48-volt set up for that extra charge of energy. Or, if you want a bike that you can fold up and bring into work, try out the City Mini, made for short commutes.

Why Ride an Electric Bike in Nelson?

Go the Distance

An e-bike is an ideal solution if you dislike cycling straight into a headwind. This can add precious minutes to your commute, even doubling the time it takes when the wind is particularly strong; but not if you have an electric bike! These bikes can take the load off your tired legs by helping you surge forward, thanks to the powerful battery. Get to work on time, every time.

E-bikes can be found in strengths from 100 – 700 watts, which is plenty of power to get you zooming past the traffic jams and arriving well ahead of time to start your day. Plus, you won’t be slowed down by your heavy backpack containing your laptop and other work equipment. Just flick on the battery, and you’ll be swiftly on your way!


When you’re heading out for a cycle ride on your own, you can go whatever speed best suits your fitness level and the difficulty of the trail. However, it can be even more fun to ride with friends – the only problem is that when your friends are fitter than you, you might find yourself lagging behind. With the assistance of the motor in an electric bike, you’ll now be able to easily keep up and perhaps even lead the pack.

No Licensing Needed

Don’t worry about getting a warrant and registration for your mode of transport – electric bikes don’t require any of this admin. Just jump on your bike and zip around the slow cars to avoid the dullness of waiting in rush hour traffic. Most e-bikes use a lithium-ion battery that charges in just a couple of hours so you can be ready to hit the streets at a moment’s notice. Depending on the road quality, steepness, and other factors, you could travel from 30 – 100km before you need to recharge.

Get Fit the Fun Way

You might think that riding an electric bike won’t get you fit, but your legs will beg to differ! Sure, you can decide to sit back and let the motor do all the work. However, the battery will last far longer if you help out by pedalling, making this one of the easiest ways to gradually get into shape. You can pedal without using the battery when you’re on flat ground with little wind and amp up the battery power only when you need it. Or go for a challenging bike ride and pedal the whole way there, then let the battery carry you home without any hassle.

Ready to Buy an Electric Bike in Nelson?

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