Electric Bikes Invercargill

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Going out for a run or hitting the gym to stay fit is such a hassle. Why not get fit the easy way by commuting to work on an electric bike? That way, you can push yourself by pedalling hard and give yourself a break when you need to by flicking on the motor. Find your ideal E-Rider electric bike in Invercargill to help you get around and increase your fitness at the same time. Check out our range to find a bike that suits you. 

Reliable E-Bikes For Sale in Invercargill

The top priority for most of our customers is having a reliable bike that won’t keep breaking down. That’s why we sell e-bikes with quality fittings that stand the test of time. Get e-bikes with lithium-ion batteries from Samsung, brakes from Tektro, and gears from Shimano. Whether you want a folding electric bike that’s perfect for the daily commute or a trail-ready bike that will take you on adventures, we have the e-bike for you.

Why So Many People Are Now Riding E-Bikes in Invercargill

Go Further, Faster

If you’re sick of riding into a headwind that slows you down and causes you to be late for work, you need an electric bike. Save time on your commute and prevent sore muscles later on by turning on the motor and effortlessly gliding into the office. Depending on the model, our bikes can go between 30 – 100km in distance.

There’s never been an easier way to get around Invercargill. These bikes are speedy and allow you to dart around traffic, minimising the time you spend on the road each day.


If you find that your regular road bike is a challenge to ride when you’ve got the groceries on board, or you’re towing a trailer with your child in it, this is easily solved by buying an electric bike. Go faster than ever before, even if you have a lot of items weighing you down, thanks to a powerful motor supplementing your pedalling.

No Licensing Needed

No licence, no problem. If you don’t have a driver’s licence, you can still ride an electric bike. Get all the benefits of using a motor without the hassle of licensing, warrant, and registration. You’ll get where you’re going faster and at a much lower cost too. The battery in electric bikes costs just cents to charge, and you won’t have any fuel costs.

Have Fun While Getting Fit

If you have been thinking that you need to increase your daily movement, cycling is a great way to do that. Using an electric bike is ideal because you can pedal hard and then take breaks as you let the motor take over for you. This is ideal for interval training or just gradually building up your fitness levels until you can handle longer rides.

Ready to Buy an Electric Bike in Invercargill?

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