Electric Bikes Dunedin

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If it’s time for you to buy a new set of wheels, why not treat yourself and get an electric bike? You’ll more than make your money back in savings on your daily commuting costs and you’ll lower the effort needed to cycle around town. Electric bikes in Dunedin are a popular choice both for those who need an easy way to get to work without relying on public transport and those who love hitting the trail and getting out into nature. Check out our range of e-bikes in Dunedin now. 

Superb E-Bikes for Sale in Dunedin

When purchasing an electric bike, your top priority will be finding a reliable and powerful bike that can get you from A to B with no trouble at all. That’s why you need to purchase a quality electric bike that won’t let you down. We have bikes with fittings from well-known and trusted brands such as Samsung, Shimano, Tektro, and Kenda. For the easiest way to get to work, grab our City Wave Plus 26 inch featuring a 36v Li-ion Samsung battery that can propel you up to 30km/hour. Or try the Xtrail Advanced, which doubles as not only a commuter bike but also an adventure bike to smoothly ride the local trails. This 9-speed electric bike will have you zooming along at 40+km/hour whether you’re checking out the local scenery or just trying to get to work on time.

Why Electric Bikes in Dunedin Are Such a Popular Choice

Get to Work in Style

For many cyclists, the worst part about commuting to work on a bike is that you’ll arrive sweaty, red-faced, and out of breath. Our commuter e-bikes remove all of these downsides. Set out for work by pedalling your bike, and as soon as you hit a headwind, switch on the battery power so that you don’t have to work harder to maintain your speed. Instead, you’ll simply soar along with little effort, zipping into work right on time.

With e-bikes from 100 to 700 watts, we’ll find you a bike that gets you out of a traffic jam and into the office much faster than ever before. You also won’t need to worry about the load you’re carrying on your bike, as you have battery power to help you out even if you’ve got some extra items weighing you down.


Cycling with friends is all fun and games until you’re the least fit person in the group. You may find yourself falling behind the pack, and it’s never fun feeling like you’re slowing down the group you’re riding with. Owning an electric bike offers you the flexibility of getting fit through cycling but being able to get a little extra help when you need it so that you can keep up with your friends. Just flick on the motor, and you’ll be quickly whizzing past the others.

No Hassle

Unlike owning a motorbike or scooter, you don’t need to worry about having a special license to operate an e-bike. Just hop on your bike and go! These cycles don’t require any registration or warrants. Plus, the lithium-ion battery most of these contain takes only a few hours to charge, so you can be ready to go at any time!

Have Fun and Improve Your Fitness

Getting into shape doesn’t have to be a chore; just hop on an e-bike as work as hard as you like. The battery lasts far longer if you put a bit of effort into pedalling. This is a great way to gradually increase your fitness without the struggle of pushing through a headwind solely on your leg power.

Ready to Buy an Electric Bike in Dunedin?

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