Electric Bikes Christchurch – E-Bikes for fun, fitness and freedom

Whether you’re looking for fun, fitness or freedom, E-Rider Electric Bikes Christchurch has the perfect e-bike for you. Sit back relax and enjoy the feeling of being effortlessly pushed along or just pedal like crazy, the choice is yours with our state of the art and incredibly fun electric bikes, guaranteed to put a smile on your face!  View our range.

Not sure what electric bike or scooter is right for you?

We know choosing an electric bike or scooter can be a difficult decision, and something that can take a lot of time to research, that’s why we’re offering to do all the hard work for you.

Simply let us know which product of ours you are interested in and the competitor’s product you’d like to compare it against, and we’ll do our best to send you an impartial evaluation of the two models.

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E-Rider Electric Bikes Christchurch, top quality affordable e-bikes for sale. 

E-Rider electric bikes come packed with top quality fittings including Shimano, Tektro, Samsung and Kenda. Choose from the perfect folding commuter with easy going step through design or consume long trail rides like the Rail Trail with our E-Rider XTrail fitted with the powerful torque sensored Bafang mid motor producing 80Nm of torque, a ride you never imagined was possible. 

Why Ride Electric Bikes in Christchurch

Ride Further and Faster

They’re fantastic if you appreciate a good boost when fighting headwinds, climbing hills and riding for transportation or distance. Commuters find that the motor provides enough extra oomph to eliminate sweating.

E-bikes typically generate from 100 to 700 watts, that’s plenty of power to have you arriving at work calm, cool and collected, no sweat, no traffic jams, arriving fresh and ready for your day. Plus, the motor makes it easier to carry the extra weight of your work clothes and lunch, laptop, cellphone, etc…


Forget lagging behind, now you can keep up with fitter and faster friends. You can travel further with a lot less effort which means biking places you used to drive to. They make it possible to do things you might not be able to without motorised assistance, for example, pulling a trailer with the kids or groceries in it. Once you go electric you’re sure to find that it makes your everyday life easier and more convenient.

No Special Requirements

Because electric bikes are classified as bicycles, no license, registration and insurance is required, saving you a bucket load of cash. What’s more, these zippy bikes let you sneak around traffic jams, are a breeze to park and the most common battery type used, Lithium Ion, can be recharged in a few hours so the bike’s always ready to roll. You can expect anywhere from 30-100km range based on level of assist, terrain and other factors.

Great for Fitness and Fun, too

Don’t think that you won’t get any exercise buzzing around on your assisted e-bike, either. You’re repaid for pedalling with longer battery life. Plus, it feels great to pedal when it’s so easy, so most e-riders actually pedal a lot. Some even ride their green machines as much for fun and staying in shape as they do for basic transportation. It’s nice knowing that you can head out to parts unknown unconcerned that you might tire out and not be able to pedal home. No worries. Just let the motor assist lend a helping hand!

ERIDER Electric Bikes Christchurch – Go For A Test Ride Today?

If you would like a test ride come on in to our showroom located at Scootec, 124C Wordsworth Street, Sydenham, Christchurch. Call us now on 03 377 1116.

Great Local Electric Bike ride Christchurch – The Little River Trail

The Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail is a cycleway and walkway that mostly follows the route of an old 19th century railway line between Hornby and Little River via Prebbleton, Lincoln, Motukarara and Birdlings Flat.

Little River Rail Trail with E-Bikes
The Rail Trail takes you through a changing landscape that has seen a thousand years of human history. It passes through rural areas and settlements on the Canterbury Plains, skirts past the massive flanks of the ancient volcanoes which make up Banks Peninsula, and hugs the shoreline of a vast lagoon, Te Waihora or Lake Ellesmere, and its smaller twin, Te Roto o Wairewa or Lake Forsyth. The lakes and associated rivers and wetlands are rich in wildlife and natural vegetation. Enjoy the ever-changing landscapes from farmland to wetland on this 49km trail comprising of both on and off road cycling.