Electric Bikes in Ashburton

E-bikes are credited as the transport device of choice for the future. Their ability to travel distances up to 30km – 100km while still remaining lightweight and easy to handle make E-bikes a welcome addition to the world of transport. And now they’re available in Ashburton!

Quality E-bikes for Sale in Westport

Here at Electric Rider, we pride ourselves in sourcing high quality E-bikes to suit any budget. So, if you’ve always wanted to tackle that 11.5km biking trail that loops the Ashburton River, now’s your chance, as you’re bound to find the right bike for the job. In fact, we stock both heavy-duty off-road trail bikes and everyday street bikes, all fitted with quality tech from Shimano, Tektro, Samsung and Kenda, so whatever your requirements, we’re sure to have the right bike for you.

Why Ride an E-Bike in Ashburton

Cover greater distances

It can be tiring travelling far on pedal power alone. But, with an E-bike, you’re able to ride much further, much faster. Not only that, but the effort you exert on an E-bike is far less than on a traditional bike, so you can remain feeling fresh and invigorated while still getting in some exercise. 

This makes getting around Ashburton a breeze, as not only can you easily zip past traffic, but you can cover larger distances than what you would if you were walking or riding a traditional bike. In other words, you can make it to any all-important meeting in good time while still smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Less Complication, Greater Simplicity

It can be time consuming and costly to find and purchase a car and get a driver’s license. Cars also require a lot of upkeep and have extra expenses attached like insurance and servicing fees. E-bikes offer a great, cost-effective solution, as you don’t need a special license to ride one and the initial purchase is far cheaper than a car. Even the maintenance and repair costs associated with an E-bike are a fraction of what you’d spend on another type of vehicle, which makes owning an E-bike a far less complicated and far more budget-friendly option.

An Extra Boost (of confidence)

You can operate E-bikes according to your specific needs. This means that you can choose exactly when, where, and how you want to use manual pedalling versus battery power. That is, you can opt to cycle completely unassisted whenever you want, but can as easily gain an extra boost of power by making use of the automated option. In the latter case, you’ll still need to pedal, but far less, as the bike is motorised.

The motorised option is especially helpful for navigating hills, riding against headwinds, and/or keeping up with fellow cyclists. If you’re not too fit to begin with, an E-bike can also help to boost your confidence as you begin to ride more and more and, in the process, get fitter. This might even lead to you using the battery powered option less over time.

Time to consider buying an E-bike in Ashburton

With all these amazing benefits associated with and E-bike, of course you’ll want to get one of your own. So, feel free to peruse our range and place your order – we deliver all over Ashburton!

Electric Rider is New Zealand’s specialist importer of top quality electric bikes and scooters.

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