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Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

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Machine Parameters


Max Speed Assist

18 (km/hr)

Max Range

30 km

Max Climb Angle


Operation Temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to 45°C

Traversable Terrain

Asphalt, Flat Pavement, Gaps less 3cm, Obstacles less 1cm




12.5 kg

Dimensions Folded

26L x 54W x 61H cm

Dimensions Unfolded

26L x 54W x 86.6H cm

Max Load Weight

100 kg

Recommended Age

16 Years +

Required Height

120 – 200cm

Battery Energy


Charging Time

4 hours



Controller Type

App Monitor

Brake Light

LED Rear Light

Extra Lights

Headlights, Turn Signals

Shock Absorber


Solid Magnesium Alloy Frame

Leverages magnesium alloy, a light and strong structural material, to ensure a frame that features load-carrying capacity, shock absorption and performance.

Adjustable Knee Control Bar

Topped with knee pads, the knee control bar may be adjusted to between approximately 60 and 90cm to ensure each rider’s optimal comfort.

Retractable Guide Bar

Retractable guide bar, along with a built-in balance assistance function, allows for the option of pulling the miniPRO in areas not suitable for rider, including stairs and steep slopes.

Shock Absorbing Pads & Tyres

Soft, thick foot mats and low-pressure tyres, that maximise anti-skid performance, offer the rider maximum cushion and a comfortable ride.

Smart Anti-Theft Function

Secures the unit when locked by the Ninebot by Segway App. If any attempt is made to move or carry the miniPRO, an alarm sounds and if within connection range, you’ll be alerted.

Enhanced Lighting Options

Smart night driving lights automatically adapt to dim condition and work in conjunction with intelligent brake lights and turn signals to ensure safety.

Smart Battery Management System

Reports real time status of voltage, current, temperature and usage as well as queries and tracking of the battery’s status and potential faults, which substantially reduce failures.

Enhancements Through the Ninebot by Segway App

The Ninebot by Segway app supports real-time updates of software as well as delivers access to online services, community, troubleshooting tips and more to ensure an intelligent riding experience. Connect the miniPRO to the app via Bluetooth and drive the unit from up to 15 metres away.

Minimalist Design Exudes Style

Elegant, streamlined design features the well-known Sabic’s premium Lexan material to ensure the miniPRO’s exquisite finish in matte black.

Compact Capable & Portable

The shoulder width footprint allows for easy movement through crowds and narrow passages. Capable of traveling indoors as well as outdoors on roads, sidewalks and slopes up to 15 degrees. Ease to carry up and down or transported in almost any vehicle.

Hands Free Convenience

Unique steering bar technology allows for hands free foot and knee control.

Check out this video for a quick look at the miniPRO’s specs.

Go beyond the hoverboard dream with the miniPRO.